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Digital Thermostat EL05

From idea to product

Digital Thermostat EL05 Weß DesignDue to our many years of experience in the field of single room control, our own digital thermostat was created. During the development of the space controller, great importance was attached to important and useful functions. Software development in-house could offer corresponding flexibility. The room temperature controllers are electronic controllers in an elegant design for mounting in a UP can. Appealing in design, convincing in its handling and function. The digital thermostat is ideal as a temperature controller for water-carrying underfloor heating as well as electric heating systems. The controller measures the room temperature with the internal one and closes the heating contact when the setpoint temperature is exceeded. Alternatively, the external sensor can be used to regulate the ground temperature. The clear LCD display allows intuitive operation and creation of a daily program. The setpoint is divided into 24 hours in the daily program and can be defined independently for each day of the week. Many other functions as well as various parameters leave no wishes unfulfilled.

Technical data

  • Operating voltage: AC 230V
  • Power Consumption: .1W (VA)
  • Switching current: max. 16A for actuators closed without power or electric heating
  • Temperature sensor: Air sensor NTC 10K25
  • Ambient temperature: 0...50°C
  • Setpoint range: 10...30°C
  • Temperature setting in increments: -0.1°C
  • Switching hysteresis: adjustable up to max.
  • Display accuracy: 0.1°C interpolated and averaged
  • clear LCD display with white backlight (dimmed after 2 minutes if no action)
  • Data retention in the event of a power failure
  • Dimensions Of case: 86 x 86 x 42 mm LCD: 86 x 86 x 17 mm
  • Protection class: IP20
  • Room thermostat cannot be integrated into switch programs
  • Individual daily program (24 hours for each day of the week can be set separately)
  • Mounting in UP-dose: horizontal or vertical fastening of 60mm

LCD display

Display Übersicht FunktionenThe device has a clear and large LCD display with white backlight. Already in the design great importance was placed on intuitive operation via touch control. The display is clearly arranged and the measured room temperature as well as the set set set value can be determined at a glance. The minutes, hours and day of the week are displayed on the display. There are 7 standalone daily programs that you can set.

The digital thermostat has a display accuracy of 0.1 degrees Celsius. If a power failure no longer poweryour household, all your data will be saved thanks to the backup battery. The thermostat can be used with the IP20 protection class in different rooms of a house or apartment. The room thermostat display is divided into 4 main areas:

  1. The header area shows time and date information including the key lock. The day of the week and the summer/winter time are calculated automatically based on the set date. The automatic summer/winter time changeover can be activated or deactivated according to settings.
  2. In the second area, the daily program with the temperature setpoint is displayed. The daily program is divided into 24 segments, representing the 24 hours of a day. In total, the 7 working days form the entire weekly programme. For setpoint specification, a distinction is made between a comfort temperature (for presence) and an ECO temperature (for absence). The comfort temperature can be adjusted differently for each day of the week, but the ECO temperature is valid for all days of the week and can be changed under advanced settings. The digital thermostat is delivered by the factory with the following weekly program.
  3. Below the daily program, the measured room temperature is displayed. In the right area, the digital thermostat displays the current status icons. The distribution of the display allows an immediate reading of all relevant information.
  4. In the foot area, the control buttons for controlling the room controller are shown. A total of 5 buttons are available to quickly make changes to the digital thermostat.

Digital Thermostat Features


During operation, the backlight is activated with 100% luminosity. If no further key action takes place after 2 minutes, the lighting is adjusted down. The strength of the dimming level can be set in the settings between 0% and 40% depending on the requirement. The backlight can also be completely switched off within a certain time window, e.g. in the bedroom no light sources at sleep time.

Mode Choice

The room controller supports both heating and cooling modes. For cooling mode, the cooling function on your heat pump must also be activated. The sense of effect of the switching contact is then reversed to the heating mode.

Sensor selection

The room controller has a total of 3 different options, which sensors should play a role in a control.

  1. Internal sensor - possible location: water-conducting underfloor heating with actuator
    The room temperature is recorded via the internally installed sensor. The external sensor is not needed and does not need to be connected.
  1. External sensor - possible location Example: water-conducting underfloor heating with actuator
    The room temperature is recorded via the external sensor. Depending on the requirements, the temperature can be recorded at a different location than the intended mounting location of the room controller
  1. Internal and external sensor - possible location Example: Electric heating
    The room temperature is recorded via the internally installed sensor. The external sensor must be positioned in the floor area when using electric heating mats. The external sensor acts as a heating limiter and ensures that the heating is switched off from a certain ground temperature to avoid floor overheating and combustion. It is absolutely necessary that the heating mats used include internal overheating protection.


The key lock can be used to avoid unwanted changes in settings by children or strangers. To activate the key lock, the On/Off button must be held in the switched on state for at least 3 seconds. An active key lock is indicated by the corresponding icon in the display or by the flashing icon in case someone should try to press any key.

Switching difference and sensor calibration

With the switching difference, it is possible to define from which deviation value the switching contact should be closed or opened. The size of hysteresis in the heating system can be defined. The hysteresis results from twice the value of the switching difference.

With the sensor calibration, an adjustment of the measured temperature value can be carried out. Calibration should be carried out at the earliest after 24 hours of continuous operation, so that final values are available.

Control mode

The space reger offers 2 control types to choose from:

  1. Two-point controller (recommended for water-carrying underfloor heating)
    A two-point controller is a proportional controller and regulates according to the set switching difference. If the room temperature falls below the setpoint as well as the switching difference, the switching contact is closed in heating mode. If the room temperature exceeds the setpoint plus the switching difference, the switching contact is opened in heating mode. Consequently, after a hysteresis, which consists of double switching difference, is regulated. A closed switching contact is represented by the active "HEIZEN" symbol in heating mode. The behavior in cooling mode is analogously inverting.
  1. PI controller (proportional integral controller)
    A PI knob consists of 2 parts, a P-part and an I-part. The P-part is equivalent to the two-point controller described above and is proportional. The I-part, on the other hand, has no fixed association between the setpoint and the temperature deviation, but also depends on the time of deviation. The room controller tries to optimally reach the specified setpoint based on the PI algorithm. The PI parameters can be changed depending on the requirement in the settings.


  • Large LCD display with white backlight and touch buttons
  • Clear display of the setpoint temperature as well as measured room temperature
  • Display of time (minutes, hours, day of the week)
  • Weekly program with 7 independent daily programs
  • Temperature measurement adjustable by means of internal or external sensors
  • Definition of comfort as well as ECO temperature valid in the daily program
  • Data retention in the event of a power failure due to a backup battery
  • Heating/cooling, switching difference, calibration, frost protection, display off at night, etc.


  • Digital thermostat EL05 white for water-carrying underfloor heating / electric heating
  • external floor sensor (only to be connected for electric heating / easy to omit for actuators) 5mm x 26mm, cable length 3m, NTC 10K25
  • User manual on German (see TAB Download)

Please note that the display is equipped with 2 screen protectors and the lower film is almost invisible!

Warning about the room thermostat

Electronic consumers may only be installed by suitably qualified specialists.



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