Digital thermostat touch underfloor heating 16A EL2 black

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Intelligent touch EL2 heat with Digital thermostat for floor heating / electrical heating

The Digital thermostat EL2 ideal as room temperature controller for electric as well water underfloor heating systems. For an optimal temperature of the room, the room thermostat has an internal sensor, which measures the room temperature. If the temperature measured by the Digital thermostat below room temperature desired or on the Digital thermostat, so an automatic heating contact is made. This innovative thermostat floor heating technology can be a floor sensor with water underfloor heating installation are unnecessary. If you however is a temperature value at a different location than the placement of the Digital thermostat, want to measure an external temperature sensor or floor sensor to the room thermostat will still install underfloor heating. The external floor sensor is required for electric heaters be sure since he as heating limiter or overheating protection acts and thus essentially contributes to the safety of electrical heaters and avoids overheating of the foot covering.

A room thermostat with intuitive touch screen user interface and glass optics

The Digital thermostat touch EL2 can be controlled both manually easily than with temporal heating programs. On the very intuitive and clearly arranged touch display active time interval, the current room temperature and current time are displayed. Thanks to the ease of use, a personal day tailored to your temperature preferences or continues can be predefined in a few steps. Thereby, different block zones are used to set the desired room temperature controller - target values in the daily or weekly program. This enables a very efficient and ecological heating, which provides for a significant reduction in energy costs. A preset work program there was already a day and continues underfloor heating on the new installation of the Digital thermostat which can easily be adapted to your individual needs.


Technical data:

  • Operating voltage: AC 230V
  • Power consumption: < 0.5 (VA)
  • Switching current: 16A Max for actuator normally closed or electric heating
  • Temperature range: 5 ° C ~ 60 ° C
  • Temperature sensor: air sensor NTC
  • Temperature setting in steps: ± 0.5 ° C
  • Switching hysteresis: adjustable 1 ° C - 9 ° C
  • Display accuracy: 0.5 ° C
  • Display: LCD touch backlit (goes out after 15 seconds if no action)
  • Data retention during power failure
  • Dimension housing: 86 x 86 x 40 mm LCD: 86 x 86 x 13 mm
  • Protection class: IP20
  • Not integrated into switch programs
  • Individual week program (5 + 2, 6 + 1, 7 days scheme)
  • Installation in flush-mounted box: horizontal mounting Ø 60mm

Scope of delivery:

  • Digital thermostat for water floor heating or electric heating
  • Mounting material
  • external floor sensor (to connect only with electric heating / just leave out for actuators)
  • Operating instructions in German and English

Please keep in mind that the display with 2 screen protectors and the bottom foil is almost invisible!

The properties of the Digital thermostat touch for underfloor heating EL2

The individual programming is programmable in six time intervals on weekdays and two time intervals on weekends. The room thermostat week program can be controlled in three different variations:
-5 + 2 days (6 blocks valid on all weekdays Mon-Fri, 2 blocks valid on sat and Sun)

-6 + 1 days (6 blocks valid on weekdays Mon-Sat, 2 blocks valid am so)

-7 days (6 blocks valid on all weekdays Mon-Sun)

In addition the room thermostat is fitted, underfloor heating with a child lock or key lock what can avoid a unauthorized changing of the settings.

The special functions of the Digital thermostat touch

-a floor temperature limit. You allows you to set a maximum ground calorific value, especially for electric heaters, and is absolutely necessary for electric heaters.

-a frost protection function which drops the temperature not below 5 degrees Celsius. Subject: You have enabled the frost protection function.

-When connected to an actuator for underfloor heating control only 3 cores are required (l phase, N neutral conductor, and L1 - switch contact to the actuator). Contacts N and N1 are internally linked and require only 1 line.

-Temperature calibration, which matches the displayed actual value with the actual value of room temperature and, if necessary, corrected. Mode of the Digital thermostat touch you can set in the sensor, if the room temperature control only via the internal temperature sensor or the external or both sensors should be.


Electronic consumer may be installed only by suitably qualified personnel.


By on 13 Jan. 2019 (Digital thermostat touch underfloor heating 16A EL2 black) :

Digital Thermostat

Die Thermostate wurden noch nicht installiert, machen aber bereits optisch einen sehr wertigen Eindruck.

By on 30 Jan. 2018 (Digital thermostat touch underfloor heating 16A EL2 black) :

Gute Thermostate

Schnelle Lieferung gute Thermostate. Sehr gerne wieder.

By on 16 Oct. 2017 (Digital thermostat touch underfloor heating 16A EL2 black) :

Digital Thermostat Fussbodenheizung

Alles wie erwartet, schickes Design, einfache Bedienung

By on 07 Oct. 2017 (Digital thermostat touch underfloor heating 16A EL2 black) :

Digital Thermostat Touch

Alles ok, weiter so

By on 24 Sept. 2017 (Digital thermostat touch underfloor heating 16A EL2 black) :

Super Ware - Digital Thermostat

Super Thermostate. Habe sie auf Empfehlung gekauft. Bin sehr zufrieden. Bestellung und Lieferung ging schnell. Allerdings könnte wegen der heutigen Packetdienste die Verpackung stabiler sein. Zum Glück waren die Thermostate aber im Päckchen noch sehr gut verpackt, so dass nichts passiert ist. Ansonsten sehr zufrieden :)

By on 06 July 2017 (Digital thermostat touch underfloor heating 16A EL2 black) :

Digital Thermostat Touch Fußbodenheizung 16A EL2 Schwarz

Very Good. At least a second control output would be perfect.

By on 03 Feb. 2017 (Digital thermostat touch underfloor heating 16A EL2 black) :


der Einbau und auch das design ist total toll,aber die Lieferung per DPD war sehr nervig!!!nach langem hin und her haben wir die Ware bekommen .Im Endeffekt mußte ich die Ware selbst abholen nach einer Woche...Bitte beim nächsten mal eine andere Lieferfirma wählen .

By on 02 Dec. 2016 (Digital thermostat touch underfloor heating 16A EL2 black) :
The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review, or the review is pending moderation
By on 21 Nov. 2016 (Digital thermostat touch underfloor heating 16A EL2 black) :

Digital Thermostat Touch Fußbodenheizung 16A, EL 2 schwarz

Superschnelle Lieferung, Abwicklung sehr gut. Jederzeit gerne wieder!

By on 18 Oct. 2016 (Digital thermostat touch underfloor heating 16A EL2 black) :

Thermostat für Fussbodenheizung

Prima Gerät. Derzeit habe ich drei Stück von den Thermostaten im Einsatz. Alle sind fast nach belieben zu Programmieren. Persönlich sind diese Geräte schon eher ein Hingucker anstatt die "einfach gehaltenen" Thermostate mit dem Drehknopf. Zudem ist die Uhrzeit und die aktuelle Temperatur sofort ablesbar.

By on 08 Sept. 2016 (Digital thermostat touch underfloor heating 16A EL2 black) :

Digital Thermostat Touch

Super edles Design super Produkt,
Funktioniert einwandfrei.

By on 10 Nov. 2015 (Digital thermostat touch underfloor heating 16A EL2 black) :


Tolles Raumthermostat mit vielen Funktionen. Übersichtliches Display. Hochwertige Verarbeitung. Sehr empfehlenswert.


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