Battery regulation

Note After battery law

Because we sell such devices, batteries and rechargeable batteries, the batteries and rechargeable batteries containing we are obliged to remind you that after the battery law (BattG):

You must dispose of batteries and accumulators in the household waste. You are legally obliged to return of used batteries and rechargeable batteries. Old batteries may contain harmful substances that can harm the environment or your health with improper storage or disposal. Batteries included but also important raw materials such as iron, zinc, manganese or nickel and are recyclable.

Batteries and rechargeable batteries you can after use us again send back or give free of charge at a collection point (E.g. in the trade or a municipal collection point).

The below shown crossed-out wheelie bin symbol on batteries and rechargeable batteries and products containing batteries and rechargeable batteries, means that batteries and accumulators in the household waste should be disposed.



(Pb, CD, Hg)


Symbols that are under that sign, have the following meaning:

  • PB: Battery contains lead
  • CD: Battery contains cadmium
  • Hg: Battery contains mercury