Room thermostat underfloor heating

A Digital thermostat, touch is a digital room thermostat, which is equally suitable for flooring and electrical heaters. It convinces with its beautiful glass optics, named according to is operated via touch buttons.

Room thermostat touch: the most important properties

The room thermostat touch is waiting with a fancy background lighting and allows you to set a time table and a differential. The room thermostat can control touch normally closed the actuator for the water-bearing floor heating. As intelligent controlled electric heating. It measures the room thermostat touch EL2 for the heating control the room temperature via an internal sensor, adjusts the heat output and reached so the optimal temperature of a room. If the measured temperature falls below the set value, the automatic heating contact. This innovation saves costs, because a floor sensor for the water-bearing floor residents must allow no longer install. However, the manufacturer has thought that some people want a different floor and room temperature. For this reason, it is possible to record a temperature value of a floor sensor and transferred to the thermostat by means of connection. This means that the user can then decide what temperature the thermostat touch used for controlling the heating. Electric heaters the external floor sensor is always used, because he acts as overheating protection.

How can the thermostat we use touch?

This Digital thermostat has not received its name: the intuitive touch screen user interface with glass optics works self explanatory. The user can operate it each day manually and it very quickly, they can set time programs. Professionals often use this variant, the temperature in the room is down regulated then, for example, on weekdays from 07:30 h, from 17:00 h the thermostat can again jump touch the heat if necessary. The clearly arranged touch display shows the current room temperature, time, temperature, and an active time interval. Setting an individual day - and weekly program happens in very few steps, with various block zones for the mean values are determined. In this way, the room thermostat touch supports efficient and ecological heating. Factory a day and continues is preset, that can be easily adapted to your own needs. For the individual programming, the Digital thermostat provides six time intervals for the working days and two intervals for Saturday and Sunday. The blocks can in the 5 + 2 (MO - free and Sat/Sun), 6 + 1 (MO - SA and so) or in the 7 day mode (same every day) to be programmed. The thermostat has a childproof lock (keyguard) touch. As special functions, the manufacturer has incorporated a floor temperature limit against overheating (important for electric heaters) and a frost protection function with a minimum limit of + 5 ° C.