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Salus actuator - closed without power - actuator T30NC

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Digital thermostat underfloor heating EL05 White

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Digital thermostat underfloor heating X1

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Digital thermostat switch range ALM-4

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Salus Terminal Strip Control Terminal Strip KL06

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The dream of homeownership financing

To build your own House, according to the family, the ideal solution is for many clients. Not always allow to fulfill these dreams. The construction of a House is much more complex than to buy an older home. With a few modifications, many desires can be realized anyway. The client must of course take into account a few smears. On the other hand he must not worry about many things, resulting from a new building. No construction site must be searched and also the connections for electricity, water and gas are usually laid. Older homes can in contrast to the new building often by Hire purchase.

More Information about this find home in the Guide from

How do I finance the home?

Whatever the solution the future homeowners also decides: the costs that accrue to him, are considerable and bind it for several decades. A well-thought-out funding is therefore the best basis on which living at home does not become a nightmare.

Compare financing models

The financing consists of several components. Each client should have some equity. Banks and building societies make the rest available - of course at the appropriate interest. Which bank credit for the House is absorbed depends on the terms and conditions of the Bank and of course the level of the interest rate. To keep track, here is not easy. Various sites on the net, some offer help Allow comparison of real estate financing. Based on some key data such as purchase or construction cost, desired monthly removal and permanent of financing does one find out the most suitable Bank.