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10 tips for the heating, how you save on heating costs - the coal not Verheiz!

Ten tips for heating: Small usage - big effect

The cost of heating oil chasing seemingly inexorably upwards. At the latest with the next creation of heating bills next spring there is then a rude awakening for many households. But it doesn't have to be. Since everyone can impact the cost explosion, contrary to. The formula for this is: saving energy. Of course, nobody must freeze anyway. You can save the heating money with little effort and little purchases. The budget will be pleased: an average household, who lives in a building, can save up to 300 Euro per year by heating with brains and without renouncing comfort. By the way, it is also good for the environment. Less energy consumption is at the same time a contribution to climate protection.

Ten tips show how to easily and effectively can reduce his heating costs:

  1. Every degree counts: The room temperature should be as far as possible not more than 20 degrees (° C) in the living room. Each degree of less saves approximately six percent energy! Our recommendation for other spaces: in the kitchen, fridge, stove and dishwasher with heat: 18 ° C, in the bedroom 17 ° C. Crucially, how comfortable you will find it yourself. This is different from person to person.
  2. Room heating only if required: Our Tip: Add in the absence of up to two days temperature of 15 ° C, at long absense on 12 ° C or the frost protection position of the thermostatic valve; even during the night hours, lower the room temperature to 5 ° C as possible. Modern heating systems to centrally control lowering the room temperature.
  3. Tilted Windows eat energy: In the permanent tilt it heats the money literally the window. It is better, more short - less than 10 minutes - and air - best with Threading. In turn the heating down.
  4. Conclusion with the "secret" life airing: Seal joints and cracks through which the heat disappears, with sealing gaskets; they are for one to have €1.50 per metre and quickly installed. Lip profiles, which are milled into the Groove are more enduring - but with 7.50 to 10 euros per meter too expensive. they have five to ten years.
  5. At night close shutters, shutters and curtains: It is cold out there very much heat through the glass and the frame of the window is lost. Who closes the shutters, can reduce the heat losses by more than 20 per cent, curtains bring another ten percent.
  6. Avoid heat accumulation radiators: Radiator panels and furniture before heaters prevent the heat into the room. This means more heating costs up to five percent. Curtains over the radiator, range of heat loss under certain circumstances increased considerably.
  7. Thermal bridge "Radiator niches": A subsequent thermal insulation behind the radiator helps and saves up to six percent of heating energy. A five millimeter thick, aluminum coated polystyrene plate helps with lack of space. This investment pays off after at least two or three heating.
  8. Thermostatic valves braking "automatic": The temperature in individual rooms keep constant the desired value - even if the sunshine into the room. This can save four to eight percent of heating energy. You should pay attention to one: no curtains before the thermostat valves! This otherwise not function properly. At a price of no more than 20 euros, thermostatic valves are paying mostly after two years.
  9. Additional electric heaters only in case of emergency: A continuous operation of fan heaters and radiators is pure energy and waste of money. Such devices should be used only in an emergency.
  10. Heating systems regularly checked by qualified personnel - the best at the beginning of the heating season: The check by the expert gives an effective and economic operation of the heating system. And the heating costs can be reduced by five to ten percent. There is more information on the subject of heating and heating in the brochure of the Federal Environmental Agency: "The energy piggy bank". You informed comprehensively and in detail on energy-saving appliances, structural and plant engineering measures and funding opportunities, and advice. The 80-page strong brochure Central answering service, P.o. box 33 is available for free at the Federal Environmental Agency, 00 22 14191 Berlin (postcard), fax 030/8903-2912, e-Mail:

Source: UBA